Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test is a self-graded survey that attempts to assess one’s supposed purity or innocence.

It was created by Rice University in an attempt to gauge how much college students mature their freshman year. It is encouraged during Rice’s Orientation week as a bonding experience among new students. The original version created in 1924 was only given to women.

Many more versions have been created over the years, each more risqué than the last. The test has warped and changed with the times, now offering a wider variety of activities than it did in 1924, but the general message stays the same. It intends to gauge purity and assigns a dehumanizing number to those who take it.

Rice Purity Test is graded on a 0-100 scale, with 0 being the least pure and 100 the most. Questions start relatively innocently, asking questions like, “Danced without leaving room for Jesus?” and “Been in a relationship?” It then segues into slightly more sexual questions, like masturbation and fondling of a member of the preferred sex’s (MPS) bodies. The farther down you get, the more immoral the questions become. If you want to know more about Rice Purity Test then you can get more information here.

For example, questions 45-65 intensify from asking about drinking alcohol in a non-religious context to getting convicted of a felony. The test then transitions into explicitly sexual questions. In fact, question 69 just has a question mark. The last 5-10 questions are obviously the most questionable, ranging from anal sex to bestiality.

Rice Purity Test Explained

The Rice Purity Test enlists questions from every walk of life. It has very basic to very extreme level questions that can grow you through a zero to a hero. Some of the significant domains are described as follows:

1> Behavioral

Rice Purity Test has enlisted questions that include your behavior at any point in your life. These may be anything from throwing eggs at someone to urinating in public. The items may also ask things you keep a secret, but it is always good to open up.

Some of  the questions of this domain include:

Thrown eggs at a house or car?

Vandalized something?

Urinated in public?

2> Dating

Many youngsters today are indulged in relationships and dating. The Rice Purity test very aptly triggers that sense in the student taking the test. Those who are in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender or same gender has different questions for them. However, this domain helps up in growing with relationships and bondings.

Some of the questions include:

Went on a date?

Held hands romantically?

Had a relationship?

3> Alcoholism

This domain deals with questions that question the consumption of alcohol at any point of your life. However, the test asks different ways and methods you have consumed alcohol.

Even the number of times of drinking alcohol has questioned. The consumption of alcohol is illegal for, and many still do it. The main reason for the domain is to check how much obeying is the student to rules and regulations.

Some of the questions include:

Drank alcohol?

Gotten drunk?

So, this is all a student wants to know before taking Rice Purity Test. I hope you like the information. Do share this and we are always open for suggestions.

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